Iran’s most adventurous cave in Ramsar

Loka outlaw cave with a three-meter-wide opening is one of the must-see places in Ramsar and is located in the northwest of the city. In the local dialect, loka means hole and there are various legends about this cave. Some consider the cave as a refuge for thieves, rioters and even government rebels.

Loka Outlaw Cave in Ramsar is one of the most attractive and exciting places to visit. Perhaps this remarkable and tempting attraction is more due to the ups and downs that are speculated about this cave. In other words, the name of this cave, which in Farsi means bandit’s hole, causes many stories to be formed about it in the minds of our story-tellers. Imagine a long time in the past when many bandits sat in ambush for caravans in the mountains and hid in the mouth of this cave so as not to be seen. Or consider the moments when several bandits climbed up the mountain in fear to escape from the government and security agents, and when they saw the mouth of the cave, they breathed a sigh of relief and took refuge in it. Whether the bandits were right or not is not the subject of our discussion at this time. The important thing is the ups and downs and fascinating story that is formed like this. Just like a strong movie that can amaze the viewer for at least two hours. Myzbon has chosen Luca’s outlaw cave as his destination on this trip. A destination that not only shows off the beauty and glory of nature and the earth, but also brings out the power of the story-making mind of a person more than any other tourist destination.

The most difficult cave in Iran
It may be interesting to know that Loka outlaw cave in Ramsar is one of the most difficult caves in Iran. This adventurous cave is 1000 meters above sea level. This historic cave, which is located on top of this high mountain with a slope of 95 degrees, is very dark, and it can be said that it lets in a very small amount of pleasant light. Maybe the 95 degree slope is the cause of excessive darkness inside the cave. In addition to that, perhaps this very darkness has caused Loka’s outlaw cave to have other characteristics as well. In other words, this extreme darkness has been the reason for the hiding of rebels in this loka, and of course, this extreme darkness has caused the gathering and gathering of bats in this cave. Because darkness is popular with bats and darkness is a good place to hide. Light reveals everything and is not a good keeper of secrets. Just the opposite of darkness and silence, which hides everything and does not open its mouth to reveal secrets.

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