A trip to the Iranian Amazon

Tange Dar or Tang Dar of Keshksara is one of the pristine nature tourism destinations in the north of the country. This strait is located eight kilometers south of Nowshahr city, and due to its proximity to Tehran, it is welcomed by many tourists and nature lovers. Tangdar is a good place to spend the hot days of the year and have happy and fun moments. Swimming and water sports, river climbing, narrow walking and rock climbing are among the exciting activities that you will experience in this narrow.
How to access
If you are traveling from Chalus road to Tangdar, go to Nowshehr at the junction of Chalus and Nowshehr and enter Keshkesra road. This narrow road is located eight kilometers before Nowshahr. After Kushaksara, enter a dirt road and move to the right at the crossroads until you reach the bridge over the Kerko river. You have to park your car here and walk the rest of the way.
If you are going to Tang Dar from the direction of Amol and Haraz Road, after reaching Nowshahr, you should enter the 22nd Siyakhlorud Coastal Road and follow the above route.
To reach Tang Dar, you have to trek through the heart of Khanikan Nowshahr forests and Karkrod river. In addition, crossing the water and river is also in front of you. The route of climbing the river in this valley is about one and a half kilometers, so you will walk three to four kilometers in the water.
Address: eight kilometers south of Nowshahr city, near Kashksara village

Reason for naming
Tang Dar is one of the sightseeing places of Nowshahr in Mazandaran province, which is located in the heights and in the heart of green forests and near the village of Koshkhasra. This village has many names such as Keshkasara, Khushkasara, Kushkasara and Keshkasera. Tang Dar is also known as Tang Dar and Kurkorod Valley. Local people also call it Tangkoshke Sera. The name of this tang may be due to the presence of trees around it.

The most suitable time to travel to Tangdar
The best time to travel to Tangdar is late spring and especially summer. At the beginning of the spring season, due to heavy rainfall, the water level of the valley is high and narrow climbing is associated with danger. In autumn and winter, it is not recommended to go to this area because of the cold, snow and rain; But summer is the most suitable season for swimming in Tangdar

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